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Founded by Natalia Earle and Angelo Martinez, the Barracks Legend Conference is a powerful initiative with a deeply personal mission. Angelo, the visionary CEO of Barracks Legend Foundation, and Natalia, the compassionate COO, are dedicated to shedding light on the hidden struggles and scars that veterans encounter as they transition from military to civilian life.


The Barracks Legend Conference was created to address the needs of veterans and their families. Through the Barracks Legend Foundation's events, Natalia and Angelo have identified seven key pillars for veterans' well-being: PTSD, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Relationships, Health, Spirituality, and Community. These pillars signify a dedicated commitment to supporting veterans during their transition to civilian life.


More than just an event, the Barracks Legend Conference serves as a beacon of hope and a lifeline for veterans seeking understanding, support, and a pathway to a brighter future. It fosters a community united by a shared mission to help veterans reclaim their strength, find purpose, and build a network of support that will uplift them every step of the way.

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