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Andrew Appleton

Marine Corps Veteran

A Visionary Marketer


Tech Startup Founder


Andrew Appleton is a seasoned marketing strategist and entrepreneur with a 20-year career and an MBA. He founded the first online travel provider offering discounts to military personnel and later pioneered mobile customer support chat for air travelers. He is now the technology founder of, a hub for military influencers and podcasters with 134 million followers.

During his Marine Corps years, Andrew held various roles and pushed his disabled son in a wheelchair during the USMC Marathon. He values innovation, productivity, and amplifying the voices of the underserved. Bringing hope to others is his measure of success in any venture.

With over 13 years of sobriety, Andrew created a career development program empowering thousands to discover their true identities. He believes in the potential of every individual and sees everyone as having an identity worthy of recognition.

Andrew's faith and dedication to service guide his personal and professional life, inspired by his Methodist minister father. He is committed to uplifting others and creating a positive impact.

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