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Domenick Macri

Wealth Planning Leader

Financial Strategist 




Founder of Macri Associates Consulting 

Domenick Macri is a seasoned financial professional with over two decades of experience in the financial and banking industry. He established Macri Associates Consulting in 2023 to provide exceptional guidance to clients. Throughout his career, he has worked with high-net-worth individuals, families, and institutions on strategic wealth planning and risk management.


Domenick served as Chief Of Staff for the Dalio Family Office and has held leadership roles at JPMorgan, Registered Investment Advisers, and US Bank. Additionally, he is actively involved in community initiatives, holding leadership positions in various organizations focused on philanthropy, education, and equity.


In addition to his financial expertise, Domenick is a mentor and advocate, supporting nonprofit CEOs on legacy planning and community advocacy. He holds advanced degrees in taxation, estate planning, and business, along with certifications in estate planning and Six Sigma.

Domenick Macri is known not only for his financial acumen but also for his dedication to helping others succeed.

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