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Gary King

Navy Veteran 

International Speaker



Military Advocate 


Gary King is a speaker, author, and successful entrepreneur with a diverse background that spans professional powerboat racing, international artistry, and leadership roles in the television industry.


Over the years, he has founded successful businesses like King Marine Engineering and King Productions International. Gary is an expert in event production, security, risk management, and logistics, having organized major motor sports events in the Tampa Bay area for over four decades. He has also excelled as a professional powerboat racer, international artist, and consultant to celebrities, demonstrating a wide range of skills and experiences.


Gary's extensive travels, public speaking engagements, and involvement in personal development initiatives have impacted millions of individuals worldwide. He has shared his message on character, ethics, integrity, and forgiveness with diverse audiences, including leaders, entrepreneurs, students, and even prison populations. Gary's work has been featured in publications like Oprah Magazine and Os Guide to Life, and he has authored books such as "The Happiness Formula, The Ultimate Life Makeover.”

In recent years, Gary initiated the "Happiness Experiment" in St. Petersburg, Florida, gaining significant media attention and positive reception. He continues to advocate for education reform and the promotion of character and integrity in society. Gary has conducted the "Happiness Experiment" to promote positivity and has recently discovered a process to reverse the effects of PTSD. Embarking on a national tour to support veterans and their families, Gary is set to release his third book in 2024 titled "The Why That Will Save The World."

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