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Natalia & Angelo

Angelo Martinez

Marine Corps Veteran

Founder and CEO of Barracks Legend Foundation


Suicide Prevention Advocate 


Natalia Earle 

COO of Barracks Legend Foundation



Host and Producer of the multi award-winning podcast 

Introducing Angelo Martinez, a seasoned Operations Manager and Military Veteran with 8 years of service in the United States Marine Corps. Leading as the CEO of Barracks Legends Foundation, he empowers veterans through impactful initiatives, fostering a legacy of hope, faith, and a strong, closely connected community.

Natalia Earle is a certified business and life coach, as well as the host of the multi award-winning "buckleUp!" Podcast. With a diverse background in entrepreneurship and corporate education, she inspires and empowers individuals in 53 countries to embrace personal growth with skill and insight.

In 2023, Natalia and Angelo established The Barracks Legend Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to hosting an electrifying range of events and fundraisers for veterans. The core of their mission is a proactive stance against veteran suicide, focusing on creating tangible, measurable impact.

Together, Natalia and Angelo form a powerhouse of transformation, pushing the boundaries of leadership and inspiring lives worldwide. This dynamic duo combines wisdom, empathy, and experience to lead individuals and organizations on a journey of self-discovery and growth, making a profound impact on countless lives worldwide. As communities strive for excellence and progress, Natalia and Angelo stand as beacons of inspiration. Buckle up for a life-changing and captivating speaking experience with Natalia and Angelo, where possibilities are limitless, and success knows no bounds.

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